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No carnival experience would be complete with out the infamous family competition for who wins the largest stuffed animal. At California Carnival Co. we take this fact seriously. Our family oriented games of skill are sure to please; in fact most have a winner every time and all are fun for the entire family. Click on our Midway Games tab on the left for more information including pictures and a brief description of games you might see at your event...


Food Concessions

Along with the unforgettable memories associated with your family spending the day with ours, one stands above all, IT'S THE FOOD. From the moment you find out California Carnival Co. will be coming to your community, it happens. Your nose begins to remember those incredible aromas that hit you almost the instant you open your car door. Your brain begins sending signals to your taste buds, your eyes and your stomach. Yes, we are talking Corn Dogs, Candied and Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy plus the sweet fried temptation that nobody can resist, Funnel Cakes, Deep Fried Oreos, Twinkies, and more!


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