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At California Carnival Company, we believe attention to the little things make the biggest differences

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The biggest difference between California Carnival Co. and our competitors is attention to detail. Since inception in 1981 it has been our goal to provide local communities with not just the excitement that naturally comes when the carnival arrives in town, but to provide a total entertainment venue focused on family and community.

At the change of the millennium, after a five year study, California Carnival Co. implemented our "Focus on the Family" philosophy. Our study became our guide to building a safe, inexpensive entertainment venue that has successfully put family back in the fun.

At California Carnival Co. our ride, game and food selections are designed to keep an entire family laughing playing and enjoying all the thrills and excitement of our rides, laughter, smells, and flavor of the best food on earth.

Our ride arsenal offers thrilling fun for all ages. In most cases even if you are not big enough to ride a particular ride by yourself (this is where "Focus on the Family" really pays off), mom, dad, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa or even a family friend can accompany you.

No carnival experience would be complete with out the infamous family competition for who wins the largest stuffed animal. At California Carnival Company we take this fact seriously. Our family oriented games of skill are sure to please; in fact, most have a winner every time and are fun for the entire family. 

For more information on our rides, attractions, and games, please visit the midway page.

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